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 10 facts you always wanted to know about Abfaltersbach:

1 .Our little village is situated between the Villgrater Mountains and the Lienz Dolomites!

2. Our community is the second smallest of all 33 East Tyrol’s municipalities.
Conclusion: small but nice!
3. The Drava flows through us.

4. The highest point of our community is the Rauchegg with 2549 meters.

5. Our small community consists of many different urban areas: the twon central known as Walde , in       the northwest Abfaltern (our oldest district) and in the west lies Geselhaus.

6. In the past, in the year 1160 our town was called „Affoltrupach „.

7. Multiculturalism : 1805-1809 we were part of the Kingdom of Bavaria and form 1810-1813 part of the     French Empire. Today we are only part of the beautiful Austria.

8. Our marital status in 2001: 40.6 % were married, 5.4 % widowed, 0.8 % divorced and 40.6 % single.     Result: we still have singles available!

9. Blazon of our yellow – black crest : “ In gold and black diagonally left divided blade Ethiopian lion           mistook in color, with both hands holding a green branch.“

* The Mohrenkopf represents the Bishopric of Freising

* The lion recalls the Counts of Gorizia

* The oblique division symbolizes the former border situation

10. The Highlight of Abfaltersbach is the Aigner bath called “Badl”. Which is an historic Tyrolean Bauernbad with a calcium sulfate mineral spa.