City of Lienz


Quelle:  ©Pixabay/pixmartin

Gentle greens, thick forests and in the background the Lienzer Dolomites, that’s how you can image the location of  Lienz, the closest bigger City to Abfaltersbach. Lienz is a medieval town in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is the administrative capital of  East Tyrol. Special about the city is that the two rivers, the Isel and the Drau meet and to one large river connect. These rivers and other little streams make the whole area to a beautiful green zone.

The whole region has a mild climate. In the summer Lienz and the close by Abfaltersbach reaches in average 18 degrees with a maximum of approximately 25 degrees.  The winters are slightly colder, with snow and a temperature of around -5 degrees.

Lienz is a great starting point for all kind of adventures and offers many different excursions, such as:

  • the Liebburg (the town hall of Lienz),
  • the castle of Bruck,
  • the Isel tower,
  • the former city wall
  • and the medieval city center of Lienz.

Another sightseeing point in Lienz is the church of Antonius which still exists since the 17th century. More even older churches some from the 13th century attract also many visitors to Lienz.