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The journey is the reward.”
(Confucius, Chinese Philosophe, 551 – 479 BC)

Our hiking trip tips:

Mühlenweg – Maria Luggau

  • Theme hiking on the Mühlenweg, with a visit of different traditional mills, the Brechelstube (a spinning mill), a mill museum, the historic and traditional town of Oberluggau, basilicas, a abbey and different farmer outlets.
  • The character of the hiking trail is partially asphalt, stone and grassland.
  • Ideal also for bad weather days, guides are also offered.
  • Shopping possibilities in different souvenir stores and local farmer stores such as the Spar, where you can buy local products from over 60 local farmers.
  • Distance from Abfaltersbach: around 30 minutes by car


Difficulty easy Starting Point Lesachtaler Farmer Store
Best time of visit April – October Finishing Point Lesachtaler Farmer Store
Distance approx. 2 km Time approx. 30 min

More Information:

Nature Studies Path from Lienz – Leisach – Amlach – Tristacher See

  • The well-wooded landscape around Lienz and the interesting geology make this trip to a special hiking experience.
  • The Nature Studies Path from LIENZ – LEISACH – AMLACH to the TRISTACHER SEE is divided into the 4 following parts:
  • Part 1: (“The squirrel”) starts at the Pfarrbrücke (bridge) and follows along the river of Isel, over to the “Wasserain” until the castle of Bruck.
  • Part 2: (“The sparrow”) starts at the castle of Bruck until the Waldschenke (a tavern) which is located in the Amlach.
  • Part 3: (“The bunny”) runs along the foot of the Lienzer Dolomites until the district of Ulrichsbichl, which is a part of Amlach.
  • Part 4: (“The deer”) follows along a steep track and a wide forest road until the “Alten See” (biotope).
  • Several presentation board mark the natural studies path and show all kinds of trees, bushes and give a great overview of the local flowers, plants, mushrooms, animals and more.
  • Distance from Abfaltersbach: around 20 minutes by car


Difficulty easy Starting Point Lienz – Pfarrbrücke
Best time of visit yearlong Finishing Point Tristach
Distance approx. 8 km Time approx. 3 hours

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 Hochsteinhütte 2023 m

  • Starting point is the car park of the castle Bruck the so called Schloss Bruck. From there you have to follow the asphalting street and turn right into the forest road. At the municipal water reservoir we leave this road and continue our hike on the Taxer Moos Steig (a steep track) until the Moosalm (alpine pasture). After approx. 50 minutes we reach the Moosalm.
  • Then we continue on the popular „Russenweg“ (“Russian path”), passing a rope tow on his right sight. The tail follows over steep grassland until the edge of the forest, where a private hut is located. A little bit further we cross a forest road and carry on walking uphill through the forest. Then we cross a little ditch. The forest should be quick thick at this point with some forest glades.
  • The well-marked “Russenweg” continues south, passing the Stadthütte (another hut) and crosses a couple of times the forest road. After the last turn we reach above some avalanche barriers, the Hochsteinhütte after approx. 3 hours.
  • Distance from Abfaltersbach: around 21 minutes by car


Difficulty medium Starting Point car park
Castle Bruck
Best time of visit summer Finishing Point Hochsteinhütte (2025 m)
Distance approx. 7 km Time approx. 4 hours

More Information: www.bergfex.com/sommer/tirol/touren/wanderung/7005,hochsteinhuette-2023-m/

Karlsbader Hütte/ Karlsbader Hut  – at the Lienz Dolomites

  • You can reach the starting point from Lienz when you follow the Dolomitenstreet up, passing the intersection of the Tristacher See. Follow the sign postings on the toll road until the Lienzer Dolomites hut.
  • From the carpark we walk just a couple of steps until the beautiful Lienz Dolomites hut, which offers an outstanding view over the surrounding mountains. Then we carry on hiking on the “Almweg” (alp path), passing cows and sheep until a little chapel, where the perfect picnic spot is.
  • Next we follow a rocky alp path from where we can already see the Karlsbader hut. Surrounded by blunt chalk mountains, we are now right in the middle of the famous climbing area. The Laserzsee (lake) offers a little round tour before we go up to the Karlsbader hut to enjoy their culinary highlights.
  • Distance from Abfaltersbach: around 26 minutes by car


Difficulty medium Starting Point car park  Lienzer Dolomitenhütte
Best time of visit June – October Finishing Point car park  Lienzer Dolomitenhütte
Distance approx. 8 km Time approx. 4 hours

More Information: www.bergfex.com/sommer/tirol/touren/wanderung/6192,karlsbader-huette-lienzer-dolomiten/