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Not only ski lovers come to Lienz. You can also do a lot of fun tobogganing  in Lienz and the surrounding area. Many toboggan runs are created family friendly.

Our bobsleight tips: 

 Lienz Dolomites/Leisach natural toboggan run

  • Floodlit toboggan run with an average gradient of 14 %.
  • The toboggan route is 1100 metres in length and covers an altitude difference of 155 metres.
  • It is floodlit, located in the town of Amlach and is accessible by car from Leisach or Amlach, heading to Galitzenklamm (car park at the finish).

Gödnach/Dölsach family toboggan route

  • The 800 metre toboggan route is floodlit until midnight and since the terrain is not at all steep it is especially suited to families and children!
  • There is plenty of car parking available in the finish area above Dölsach’s swimming pool. The start of the toboggan route is at St. Georgskirche in Gödnach (Dölsach district area).
  • The toboggan route is prepared from Christmas until the end of February (when there is adequate snow coverage).

Lugger Alm / Iselsberg toboggan run

  • The toboggan run which covers 3.5 kilometres, runs from Lugger Alm at 1630 metres altitude, and can be used to get to Gasthof Schöne Aussicht at 1320 metres.
  • There is however also the opportunity to head up to Winklerner Alm at 1960 metres.
  • Proceed by car via Iselsberg to the car park at Gasthof Schöne Aussicht, continue on foot.

 natural toboggan routes – Dolomites

  • Winter pleasure for all the family. The toboggan route extends from Dolomitenhütte to Tristach’s sport stadium (to the south of Lienz).
  • Illuminated natural toboggan run in the upper section, via the road (traffic light system) from Gasthof Kreithof, then without any junctions on its own paths.
  • Equipped with snow-making facilities, ensuring tobogganing fun for all the family throughout the winter, day and night.
  • This natural toboggan run received the sought-after safety seal of approval from the Tirol Rodelverband. The road to Kreithof is cleared and chipped, so is suitable for cars.

all year around toboggan run at Hochstein – sled like a pro 

  • Recently loud cries of joy have been heard in summer as well as winter. If you listen at the foot of the Hochstein, then you can hear for miles around.
  • It can hardly be a coincidence that the frequency of these cries of joy has something to do with the opening of the ‘Osttirodler’ at that time.
  • Since then quite a few tobogganists have been flying down this spectacular Alpine roller-coaster. You can toboggan down the 2.7 kilometre Osttirodler run from the Moosalm via Lienz’s Schlossberg right to the finish area in the Hochstein Arena.


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