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It doenst matter if you prefer sport climbing, fixed rope routes or climbing parks. It doesnt matter if you starter or professional – everyone who loves climbing will love Abfaltersbach! Around Abfaltersbach there are hundreds of possibilities to climb. We strongly recommend you to inform yourself before arriving on local events, routes and equipment tips.

Our climbing tips: 

Courses in the climbing park Lienz Schlossberg

  • Courses:
    • Kids Course 1m
      Specially designed for children aged between 3 and 6, this easy course at 1 metre above the ground  enables kids to experience a unique ropes adventure in a safe controlled environment. Parents can support, supervise and encourage their children from the ground.
    • Kids Course 3m / 6m
      Children from 6 years old can choose between two ropes courses with different difficulty levels. The two courses connsist of a variety of elements at two different heights.
    • Extreme Course 12m
      Not for the faint hearted, this high ropes course at up to 12 metres above the ground provides a variety of challenging elements to test your head for heights.
    • Flying Fox Course 8m
      In this course the platforms, nestled in the trees, are connected only by zip lines. Riders fly from one tree (platform) to another, attached to a specifically designed double pulley device, that rolls along the cables.
  • approx. 35 minutes by car from Abfaltersbach
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„Climbing is less of a sport – climbing is a passion“ – More climbing tours: