Mountain Biking


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Many biking trails around Lienz offer beautiful tours. As a biking-city is Lienz already secretly known in eastern Tyrol. Many already very well developed paths run along the Drau from Toblach to Maribor. Also the bike paths of Iseltagradweges and the Glockner bike path delight all biking fans.

Our biking trip tips: 

biking path „Drauradweg R1“

  • The Drau Cycle Path runs from the source of the Drau in Toblacher Feld, Italy, for 366 km along the eponymous river, through East Tyrol and Carinthia to Maribor in Slovenia. There are plans to extend the path from Maribor to the Danube delta on the Black Sea in the medium term.
  • signed along its entire length (designated the R1 in Carinthia)
  • runs mostly right alongside the Drau
  • well developed (asphalt, sand or crushed stone surface)
  • best cycled with trekking wheels
  • suitable for families in Italy and Carinthia
  • lots of attractions just a stone’s throw from the path
  • the best bathing lakes in the immediate vicinity of the cycle path
  • Toblach/Innichen → Lienz→ Spittal→ Villach→ Ferlach → Völkermarkt→ Maribor
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Römerradrunde – the romans cycle trail 

  • Family friendly day trip in the valley of Lienz, approx. 15km long round tour for big and small, young and old.
  • Take a pit stopp at the church of Lavant or the old ruins of Aguntum. Many little cafes, pubes and resting areas are along the route.
  • Lienz→ Amlach→ Tristach→ Lavant→ Nikolsdorf→  Dölsach→ Aguntum→ Lienz
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Iseltalweg – the Isel cycle trail

  • Covering some 29 kilometres in length and with an average incline of one percent, the Iseltal cycle trail is a great opportunity to leave the bustling little town of Lienz behind for a short time and ride easily to Matrei.
  • The cycle trail is mostly asphalt and there is just a small section of country road to negotiate to the final stop at Matrei.
  • Anyone who only wants to go one way by bike can avail of the bus connections which operate throughout the day, to get back to their departure point comfortably and safely.
  • Lienz→ St. Johann → Ruine Kienburg→ Huben→ Matei  → Lienz
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